However hard you may try, junk eventually accumulates at home. The problem with unwanted stuff lying around is that it makes things harder to find, besides reducing available storage space. Dust accumulates, which leaves you with a much bigger cleaning job and junk makes cleaning really very difficult. The result is a cluttered and dusty home. The best way to handle junk is to get rid of it periodically. If you live in or around Brisbane, we at Anything Rubbish will help you to get rid of your unwanted stuff.

How junk accumulates at home:

All of us have the same psychology when it comes to junk. Most of us hate to throw things away even if they have no use in the foreseeable future. In reality, even when an occasion arises where we need the stuff that we have put away, it is of no use to us. We usually either forget that we have such an item or we can’t find it when we need it. Eventually we end up taking the shortcut and buying it from the store or managing without it.

This is how junk starts to build at home. The principle of junk is that it accumulates until it occupies all the available storage space. Once this happens, we now begin to understand the problem, but by then removing it becomes a big task by itself. We at Anything Rubbish can help you with rubbish removal, if you are living in or north of Brisbane.

Examples of junk stuff that people tend to store:

  • Old or broken furniture .
  • Non working or broken household appliances.
  • Carpets that are no longer used.
  • Computer and other electronic parts, useless gadgets, old mobile phones and excess wires.
  • Rechargeable batteries that can no longer be recharged because they are beyond their usable life.
  • Rusted nails, screws and similar stuff.
  • Broken plastic materials and toys that are no longer required.
  • Old suitcases, clothes, hangers.
  • Wood fencing and old timber.

The best time to remove junk:

Though it is best to have junk removed periodically, there are two occasions when you are almost forced to do it:

a) Before moving: You will not obviously want to carry all the junk with you. So a move is an excellent time to clear out unwanted stuff.

b) Before renovating your home: Due to the need to empty many areas including storage spaces during renovation, it is best to get rid of rubbish before starting the renovation work.

How Anything Rubbish helps:

As discussed earlier, when junk accumulates beyond a point, removing it becomes a huge task in itself. You can save yourself valuable time and a lot of effort if you hire a good Brisbane rubbish removal service, like us. Here are three good reasons for using such services:

1. We are quick, efficient and are available at short notice.

2. You really don’t have to do much except point out the stuff to them. We will remove the stuff, load it into our trucks and clean up the place.

3. We will repair and recycle the stuff or donate usable items to someone who needs them instead of dumping it into landfills. You can thus get the satisfaction of having helped someone or at least doing your bit to save the environment.

How Anything Rubbish Works:

  • We will do a free inspection and give you a quote after assessing the work involved. We will then come at the appointed time to remove the items.
  • Others offer same-day service and will arrive at your location at the appointed time and give you and instant quote after they see the scope of the work. If you are fine with the terms, they start work right away.
  • We load all the stuff on to our trucks and then clean up the area. At the end of it you are left with a clutter free home.
  • We then take the stuff to our location, sort the rubbish and recycle whatever can be recycled according to the correct norms for each material. We also donate usable items to people who need them.

If you are living in or around Brisbane, consider using a Anything Rubbish the next time you want to remove unwanted stuff from your home. You should do it periodically, but in case you are moving or renovating, it is best to use our services before you start to make things easier.

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