Are you looking for someone to help you get rid of your old furniture and other belongings you have been collecting in your garage for months now? Why not call Anything Rubbish? We specialise in all types of rubbish removals Brisbane; from green waste to white goods we have your back. With years of experience… Read More

Throughout the year we always tend to collect junk around the house such as old furniture or white goods. Sometimes it takes a few months before we realize how much junk we have stored in our garages or homes. This is why we think it is important to have frequent homes and offices clean outs… Read More

The saying goes: ‘Waste not, want not.’ While we’re not 100 per cent on the meaning, we’re pretty sure it refers to wasting something that you could want later on. And this old adage is particularly applicable to the workplace where many offices and businesses throw out, create and waste many materials when they could… Read More

Green Waste Disposal Options in Brisbane Many people wrongly assume that they can dump green waste including palm fronds, lawn clippings and piles of leaf litter in the natural environment. Doing so not only is messy and time consuming, but also is prohibited. Under Brisbane City Council’s illegal dumping laws dumping green waste can spread… Read More

In the consumer driven society we live in, we’re creating more waste than ever. Not only does this clutter up our lives, it also places pressure on the environment and landfill sites. On average Australians throw away up to 21 million tonnes of waste each year, which means there’s much more we can all doing… Read More

Redcliffe Garden Waste Removal

You have finally decided to get rid of that old furniture which has been collecting dust and spider webs in your garage for months now. You know you need to get them out of the house but no one will take them, not even as a “gift”. Deep down you know they just have to… Read More