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The bathroom is an important part of your living space. You can either keep it tidy and clutter-free or let it become an unhygienic, germ-friendly place that you yourself are hesitant to visit. It takes but only a little discipline and effort to make your bathroom appealing just as any other area of your home or office. The key is regular maintenance.

Bathroom maintenance is especially critical when space is at a premium. If your bathroom is rather cramped in terms of space and storage, it becomes all the more necessary to keep it spic and span. Remember that your bathroom can not wait for spring cleaning to happen; it requires constant attention to be able to service you well anytime, everyday.

Some Tips To Keep The Bathroom Tidy

It’s time you decide to bid farewell to some unhealthy habits that cause your bathroom to become a garbage bin. Maintenance should begin with you and pass on to all the family members. Here are a few useful tips that will contribute towards keeping your bathroom clean and composed:

Explore the bathroom and take stock of the current situation.

The area is bound to have half-squeezed toothpaste tubes with a couple of missing caps, the soap dishes will have a fresh bar of soap hobnobbing with some left-over soap pieces from the last couple of months, soap dispensers will be sticky and slimy, cosmetics will be found fighting for space, wet towels may be strewn around etc. Look through the cabinets and under the basin for any unwanted product that may just be passing time in your washroom. Now, you need to purge!

You will discover may things that you may not have used off-late. That exfoliate or face wash you’ve been meaning to use may be lying ignored for the past few months. All of this needs to be either thrown or given away. Stop being an antique collector or keep things for some future date when you finally decide to use them. In case you have an excess of duplicate products, it is better to keep them elsewhere in a separate box. Don’t forget to label the box according to the ‘expiry dates’ of the products. A minute spent doing the labeling part is sure to make you stand in good stead later.

Use the storage space wisely.

Today, a number of wall-mounted space-saving and multi-purpose shelves and cabinets are available that encourage you to maximize your storage options. Right thing at the right place will suit your washroom just fine. You can also try using bamboo baskets in different shapes to store your awkward load. They also look charming hung-up.
Medicines need not be stored in the bathroom.

Often, many of us tend to congest our bathroom shelves and cabinets with bottles of pills and other medical supplies. What we overlook is the fact that many of these pills may already have expired. Besides, the humidity of the bathroom can damage them too. It would be wise to check all drugs for their ‘best before’ dates. The expired ones can be disposed of. The daily use pills can be kept on your bedside table, stand or drawer.

Organize your cleaning paraphernalia

Instead of scattering them around your bathroom, store them all together in a closet. This way they won’t be eyesores for anyone and you will be able to find everything you need at one place. Remember to air and dry your cleaning brushes regularly after use.

Sparse counter tops look much more attractive than loaded ones.

Many of us who use contact lenses tend to display our lens cases and cleaning solutions as trophies of some kind. Same is the case with huge mouthwash bottles. Lets make an effort to tuck them behind an easily accessible closet door and clear up our sink or counter top area. A little change in one’s mindset can go a long way in achieving the bathroom cleaning goals.

Clear counter tops give you a place to park a delicate vase with a tiny bunch of your favorite flowers. Scented candles are also a good option to explore. They will keep your washroom smelling fresh apart from enhancing its beauty. It is totally up to you to make your washroom pleasant and your washroom sessions more enjoyable.

Be creative

You can always use attractively packaged cosmetic bottles and products as decorations for your bathroom. Strategically placed, they can prove to be wonderful assets. Show them off like never before. Roll up your colored towels neatly and use them as decor elements. Instead of just storing the toilet paper, turn it into organized stacks.

Beware of hair!

Be sure to collect the tangled hair from everywhere and dispose them off. They look ugly and project a negative image of your washroom.


Inculcate cleaning habits and lead by example

Make it a point to clean up the washroom after use and encourage your kids to do it too. For getting a clean bathroom, one needs to give it too. The habit may take some time to build, however, once formed your bathroom will benefit immensely.

Ensure that there is always a spare shelf and pegs for the kids to use

Guide them to keep their personal things in order. Ask kids to do up their bathrooms in a theme. They’ll have a reason to keep them spotless.

Finally, it all boils down to maintenance as mentioned earlier. It has the potential to transform your bathroom completely. You need to do it regularly (however tired you may be ) to look forward to your washroom, the next day and also be proud of it.

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