Welcome to the first article in our organising series. We’ll start out today with the room that always seems to be the messiest, the Kitchen.
When it comes to home cleaning and keeping everything organised in your kitchen, there are many ways that will work. Once you face the daunting task of keeping everything organised, you can create a system that would work for you.

Here are a few quick and easy ideas on how you can keep the kitchen organised


These are handy helpers that will help you keep track of what is inside a certain jar or container. Knowing what your handling gives you a better idea on where to store it.


Keeping similar objects together is another great help in cleaning up our kitchen. If you have big containers at home, these are of great help and use. You can store small items inside the container, affixing a label – giving you an idea what is inside. Doing this, you are freeing more space and keeping everything well within your reach.

Use Storage Bins

these are advisable if you have a lot of kitchen tools and ingredients. You can keep and organise your kitchen tools in bins or drawers. You can categorize them by the frequency of use or by type. These are inexpensive and very helpful especially when you need the space for storage.

Keep Inventory

For perishables, check the date. It’s wise to write the expiry date on the box, thus keeping you aware of the freshness of the product. With the many products that we have in the kitchen, expired products tend to take space if we don’t dispose of them right away. This would lead to further clutter in your kitchen. For non-perishable, store them where you can see them. Rule of thumb, that’s what it is.

Check the Refrigerator

The refrigerator will hold clutter that you won’t really notice, so make sure that you take a peak and see if you have hidden clutter hiding at the back of that milk carton.

Clean out the cabinets

Another potential hiding space for clutter. So make sure that you check your cabinets for hidden treasures that you can use or hidden trash that needs to be disposed. You can store the small and large containers that you used so that you can see everything.

Keep stuff off the floor

As much as you can, as part of cleanliness and safety, keep as much kitchen stuff off the floor and store it in your cabinets and storage bins. This gives you a fair idea on where everything is since you can see them better. Once you have most of your stuff off the floor, it gives you easy access to clean the floor and to create a visually bigger space where you can move with ease.

Organising is really easy once you handle the task of storing. Create a system that works for you and make sure that you follow it. Remember keeping the kitchen organised is really a breeze when you have a system in place. It frees up more time for you, with less worry and less the mess. It also encourages cleanliness since everything is well kept and well organised. This gives you a worry free, rodent free environment.

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