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Do I need to be home for rubbish removal?

We will happily remove almost everything that you no longer want. This can include mattresses, green and garden waste, old electrical items such as computers, televisions and white goods and general junk and clutter. We won’t remove hazardous waste items such as asbestos, flammable materials and other volatile items and Chemicals

How is the price of rubbish removal determined?

We charge per cubic metre which is equivalent to 1m wide by 1m deep by 1 metre high. If you can imagine a large washing machine filled up this would be roughly equivalent to 1 cubic metre. A average sized family car filled would be around 6-7 cubic metres.

Our pricing works on a sliding scale so the more you need taken the cheaper it works out per cubic metre.  We have a minimum charge on our loads and can take up to 15 cubic meters in one load if you have a lot of rubbish to be removed. The weight is also factored in when we quote for rubbish removal services as the dumping charges are calculated on weight.

Do I have to help carry the items?

Not at all. We do all the work so you do not have to. This includes carrying your unwanted items, junk and rubbish to our truck and all the loading and unloading.

Are you covered if there is any damage to the property?

You can rest assured that in the rare chance that anything is damaged while moving your items we are covered for any damages to the property or other belongings.

What is involved in an office clean out?

Our office clean outs involve taking everything left at the property. This can be lots of things from plants, chairs, whitegoods, paper, unwanted documents and other office junk to leave the place clean and ready for the next tenants.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. The price we quote and you agree to at Anything Rubbish will be the price you pay for the work we do. We are consistent in the way we structure our prices so you can expect all inclusive pricing including labour, transportation, disposal fees etc.

Can you give a quote over the phone?

We do not give a full quote over the phone without assessing the quantity of rubbish. However we can usually give a pretty good idea based on the information that we receive. If there are just a few items to collect we can usually give a rough quote of what this would be to collect but if there is a large quantity, we will provide a no-obligation quote when we arrive.

What are the payment options you have available?

We accept cash, cheque and EFTPOS and credit cards.

I live in an apartment complex can you still provide rubbish removal?

We can remove rubbish from all types of dwellings including apartments, units, townhouses and homes on acreage.

How quickly can you be there after I call?

In most instances we can be there the next day you call. There may be some exceptions to this in particularly busy periods, but if we are close by we are often able to collect your rubbish on the same day that we hear from you.

What happens to our junk? Do you Recycle?

Yes we do, we are very environmentally conscious about what is dumped on and in our earth, therefore we are passionate about recycling as much as is possible, either through a recycling depot, donations to local charities and people in need.  We have helped out many families who have been in desperate need of items especially furniture, beds, bedding, toys, clothes and many other items. So be assured that your useable rubbish will definitely be recycled

I am moving out. Can you clear my home of any unwanted items?

We sure can. If you do not want added hassle of clearing all remaining rubbish, junk, and other unwanted items at the end of a lease or when you move out, just leave it for our team after you have moved the items you do want and we can clear all other items out, room by room, to leave the house completely empty.

Is there a minimum amount of items needed for rubbish removal?

No. Even if it is just an old mattress or a small load, not matter how large or small we will take it all.

Do you accept Brisbane City Council Waste Vouchers?

Yes we gladly accept any Brisbane City Council and Moreton Shire Council Waste Vouchers you may have.

Will you collect items from inside the building?

Yes we will collect items from inside the building. This will save you any heavy lifting and negotiating tricky items through doorways.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for rubbish removal?

There is nothing that you need to do to prepare, but you can help us by separating items that you wish to removed from those that you are keeping to save any confusion. It sounds obvious but it is also important to know exactly what you want removed before we arrive. It is also easier for us to give you an accurate quote if everything you want taken is in one place

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