Not all waste is the same. Organic material like green waste can be broken down easily, but some waste can be a little bit more difficult (and hazardous) to dispose of. For this reason hazardous waste needs to be disposed in a careful and environmentally conscious way. At Anything Rubbishwe don’t collect any chemicals and hazardous materials, but we do explain how you can dispose of hazardous waste in Brisbane in this post. 


Hazardous waste can be disposed of at Brisbane City Council waste transfer stations at any time. However there are four free drop -off days per year at each of the transfer stations where homeowners can drop of hazardous waste for no cost.( A 20L limit applies). See the Brisbane City Council website for exact dates for 2014.

What waste cannot be disposed of in normal household waste?

There are many volatile items which are not safe to dispose of in normal household waste as they can become quickly flammable, corrosive and toxic if they come into contact with people. Some of these include:

– Bleach,

– Garden insecticides and chemicals

– Pool chemicals

– Gas cylinders and empty LPG gas bottles

– Paint and paint thinners

– Fluorescent bulbs and tubes

What waste is not safe for drains?

While many household cleaning products, old medicines, perfumes, lotions and disinfectants are safe to dispose of down the drains many others are not allowed and must be disposed of  however some are not allowed. These include:

– Cooking Oils

– Motor Oils and other Automotive fluids

– Fungicides and Insecticides

– Petrol, diesel and other fuels

– Floor care products

– Photo developing chemicals

– Paint.

How can I dispose of asbestos?

Great care needs to be taken coming into contact with asbestos, especially with disposal. No council waste collection transfer stations accept asbestos any longer, and a licensed asbestos removal contractor MUST be used to dispose of asbestos.

What are the rules for disposing of batteries?

Lead acid batteries including car batteries can be disposed of at transfer stations. Household batteries can be disposed in general household waste however rechargeable batteries should not be placed in general garbage and Lithium Ion batteries use in laptops and other devices should be recycled. All ALDI supermarkets offer a free battery recycling service for AA, AAA, C, D and 9V single use and rechargeable batteries.

Hazardous waste aside, ANYTHING else you need disposed of, Anything Rubbish is your reliablerubbish removal service across North Brisbane, Pine Rivers and Caboolture. Call us today to clear out, clean up and de-clutter your home in 2014.


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