Green Waste Disposal Options in Brisbane

Many people wrongly assume that they can dump green waste including palm fronds, lawn clippings and piles of leaf litter in the natural environment. Doing so not only is messy and time consuming, but also is prohibited.

Under Brisbane City Council’s illegal dumping laws dumping green waste can spread pests and weeds, and also pollute the local water supply. If you’ve got a backyard that regularly needs tidying up there are some garden rubbish removal options available and the team at Anything Rubbishexplain action Brisbane residents can take with their green waste below.

Garden Mulchers, Shredders and Wood Chippers

For those on larger acreages or homes with lots of trees, shrubs and greenery on the property, a garden mulcher could be a good option to deal with green waste. The benefit of these is that the waste is then perfect to use on garden beds and will be biodegradable.

The downside is that they can be particularly costly, especially for a quality mulcher than can break down larger branches. Investing in a garden mulcher may not be worth the large outlay for people who are only doing the occasional garden prune and clean-up.

Go to the Tip

For those with trailers or a ute, going to the tip can be an option for disposing of green waste. There are a number of transfer stations around Brisbane, Caboolture and the Pine Rivers shire where waste can be disposed and charged by its weight.

Brisbane Council’s Green Waste Bins

You can also apply for a green waste bin which involves a 30 dollar establishment fee, and $17.94 quarterly charge that will appear on your rates notice.  Bins are emptied fortnightly but often if there is a big clean up, the bins are not big enough to take all the waste at once.

Green Waste Disposal Services

Perhaps the most convenient course of action to take for those who do a complete garden prune and ‘green clean’ and their on an ad hoc basis is the use the help of rubbish removal services who collect green waste.

Anything Rubbish can be there the same day you call us collect your green waste in all quantities and we can save you the time of going to the tip and do all the lifting, loading and unloading for you. Even if there are lots of smaller areas around the home for green waste to be collected it will picked up wherever it lays and taken away. While we’re at your place why not use the opportunity to have other junk around the home you need taken away?

For Green Waste disposal in North Brisbane and Caboolture regions, call Anything Rubbishtoday. Fuss free and friendly we’ve got all your garden rubbish removal needs covered, loaded and taken away.

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